Sport in our Club

The backbone of our success

We are proud to have ten adjuncts and four activity groups as apart of our Club family, who welcome all who wish to come and give it ago!

Adjunct activity is currently not running as usual due to current Covid 19 restrictions.

The adjunct schedule will be posted in due time. 



President: Gavin Johnson

Contact details:



President: Ray Fitness

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President: Tina Palmer

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Currently running Friday at 1pm.

Adjunct members only.

Mah Jong has restarted with Level 2 Club protocols in place.

No Monday Learners until next year.

26th November Mah Jong Championship afternoon.

Usual time, normal hand sheet, Members only

10th December - last day of the year.

Usual afternoon plus Prizegiving

8 Ball Photo


President: Rod Styles

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Indoor Bowls.JPG

Indoor Bowls

President: Alex Steel

The Indoor Bowls adjunct held their official closing day on Friday 19 November with the playing of the Pat Mortenson Trophy event.  This year fours were played. 


Six teams contested this event over three games with one team winning all three of their games.  Ellen McSkimming, Jim Ritchie, Marilyn Steel and Kay Ritchie.  Second place with two wins was Ann Purcell, Cynthia Colville, Ngaire Wallace and Barbara Hoy.  All players on the day went home with a prize each.

The adjunct will complete all outstanding Championships and Trophy events during December.

The 2021 prizegiving and AGM were held on Sunday 21 November followed by our Christmas dinner which was combined with the Indoor Bowlers celebrating 50 years of Indoor Bowls at the Whangamata Club.  Several past members along with members of the Club Executive joined us for dinner. The earliest champions we had in attendance, Marg Hodgson and Peter Gorrie, (late 1990’s) .




Contact details: Mary Potter 

021 989 834

The fishing adjunct has made the tough decision to cancel the ham tournament for this year.

The 11th December didn’t suit a few of the members and given the uncertainly of the new traffic light system and the challenges the Club faces with complying with the new rules, we felt it was necessary to start afresh in 2022.


Over the Christmas/New Year break, the committee will be getting together to do some planning.  We look forward to updating you with our calendar of events.

Golf Club.jpg


President: Stu Cashen 

Contact details:

The golf adjunct played their own version of Golf's most famous team game - the Ryder Cup. Teams were divided into NZ and Overseas, however we were a few internationals short so we drafted some locals into the overseas team and renamed them the Barbarians. Places were sought after in this classic rematch and despite average weather we had an excellent turnout of 44. The Barbarians went on to beat the NZ team by two matches, the second tragic loss for a NZ team on Sunday. The winning team captain was presented with a very classy gold plated, jewel encrusted trophy to hold until next November.


We also had individual prizes and winners were:



Two's - Kim Eng got 2 on the 15 and 17th 


Ladies Stableford

Chris Davenport 37

Chris Somerville 37

Sally Hobbs 35

Helen cashen 34



Roger lawton 38

Les Dunn 35

Alan Eustace 35

Russel taylor 35

Don parlane 34

Mike Saes 34

Table Tennis Photo

Table Tennis

Contact: Gail Gilbertson

Contact details:

The first day back saw only a handful with Keith Gribben and Brendon Ryan taking out the top spot.   By the second week, the word was around and a much better turn out with Gary Small in the lead just pipping Roger Wolfe.   This week, back to normal, with Wayne Broome in the top spot with Brian Ford next.

Coastal Rocker_edited.jpg

Coastal Rockers

President: Grace Patterson

Poker Photo

Texas Hold'Em Poker

Contact: Phil Harriss or see Jilly

Contact details:

Phil Harriss phone 021 955 861

Tai Chi Photo

Tai Chi

Contact: Tamara Echave

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Line Dancing

Contact: Colleen

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Keep Fit.jpeg

Keep Fit

Contact: Erin Wyatt

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Bolivia Cards.jpg


Contact: Alison Gee