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We are proud to have ten adjuncts and four activity groups as apart of our Club family, who welcome all who wish to come and give it ago!


Under current conditions at Level 2, there will be no organised Adjunct activity until further notice. 



President: Cary Hope

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Snooker results 17th March: 

 Winner was Graham with 4 wins and 282 points.  Runner up was JB with 3 wins and 272 points.  Highest break was Gavin with 24 points and Jim with 26 points including handicap.  Raffles were won by Graham on ` and Rob on 14.



President: Ray Fitness

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Monday 16 March:

Patrick Cairns creatively handicapped the 13 players into a 501 double start and finish competition. Straight wins took Brian Wyatt and Dave Bowman to a playoff, which Dave won with a triple 1 double 1 finish that will thrust him to the maximum 1001 handicap next time. Brian consoled himself with his 120 high start and closest to the 6 dart jackpot on 256. Wendy took out the woman’s highest start on 90. Highlight of the night was seeing Patrick back throwing spears and highest finishing on 59.

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Vice President: Tina Palmer

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Play has been suspended on Mondays and Fridays until further notice.


  • Mah Jong AGM: Friday 8th May

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President: Rod McLeod

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Outdoor Bowls March 2019.jpeg

Outdoor Bowls

Contact: Murray Cox

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Tai Chi

Contact: Tamara Echave

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Keep Fit

Contact: Colleen Wilson

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Indoor Bowls.JPG

Indoor Bowls

President: Alex Steel

Sunday 8th March the Thames Valley Centre held the opening tournament of the season. This was a progressive tournament with players playing for individual points. 11 players from the Whangamata Club entered this triples tournament and five of them succeeding. Alex Steel came second in the skips; Trish Schultz winning and Ann Costar coming second in the two’s and Pam Gray winning the leads competition.  Having the overall highest number of points of 54 for the day saw Pam bring home the trophy to the Club.  Well done all and especially Pam who is a new player.

On Wednesday 11th March 12 Club players attended the Tauranga Citizens Club March tournament. The team of Tim Jones, Peg Jones, Trish Schultz and Ann Purcell came equal first over wins ends and points.  Both skips decided a one end playoff would decide which team took home the winners’ prize. The end was decided on the last bowl with the Whangamata team coming second.  Well done to you all. To win five out of five games was an exceptionally good day.

Friday 13th March: Winners:  Basil Johnstone, Don Gardner and Denese Braithwaite. Runners Up: Norm Sayer and Marilyn Steel

Raffle winner: Brian Wyatt.

 Friday 20 March: Winners:  Peter Gorrie and Betty Wilmer

Runners Up:  Norm Sayer, Joy O’Sullivan, Barbara Mathieson

Raffle winner:  Basil Johnstone.



President: Glen Adams



President: Mark Carter

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  • AGM: 15th April @ 5.30pm looking for nominations for all Committee Positions. President, Secretary/Treasurer and other Committee members.Please send these to

  • Surf Casting Competition: 26th April 6.30am - 1pm @ Opoutere Beach

  • Snapper Katcha's Tournament 30th & 31st May

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Table Tennis

Contact: Gail Gilbertson

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Thursday 19 March:

 Wayne Broom was so far in front today we had trouble seeing him!!   A whole 6 points behind was Angie Dewhirst along with David B (he'll know who he is!)   Albie Driver may have done OK if he hadn't knocked off early to go fishing.   We are at the Whangamata Club each Thursday at 12.50pm.

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Coastal Rockers

President: Grace Patterson

  • Birthday Hop: 13th June

  • Christmas Hop: 7th November

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Phil Harriss phone 02 1 955 861

Contact: Phil Harriss or see Jilly

Texas Hold'Em Poker

  Play every Wednesday - Check in: 6pm Play: 6.15pm (Sharp)

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Line Dancing

Contact: Colleen

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07-865 8705

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