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Line Dancing

Contact: Colleen Wilson


Club Days:

Tuesday 1pm - 3pm


Happy 10th Birthday 

Colleen first saw line dancing being performed in the United States and loved it.  Once back in New Zealand, Colleen wanted to see if she could gain any interest from others, and despite only knowing one dance, Achy Breaky Heart, Colleen put up a notice and started with 12 ladies.  They danced to Achy Breaky Heart for 1 hour solid!

Later that week, Colleen was speaking with one of the ladies who had attended the class and discovered they were meeting later that day to practice the line dance.  At that point, Colleen thought that she better learn some more dances and so she did!

The group has now grown to a steady 35 members who regularly attend the Tuesday class.  Colleen's motto has always been  “Line Dancing For Fun” and the group appreciates this.

On Tuesday 12th September, the highly talented Helen Riley performed for the 10th birthday celebration. Helen played some old favourites but also threw in a couple of new numbers for the 'Liners' to dance to.

Happy birthday Whanga Liners and well done Colleen for taking the initiative to start the club.  

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