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Mah Jong

President: Jill Thomson


Club Days:

Monday afternoon - 1:00pm - 4:30pm (Learners)
Friday afternoon - 1:15pm - 4:30pm (Club Day)

Mah Jong Adjunct News

Results - Friday 19th April 2024

Our special Hands day today was an extra fun/challenging day with no looking at the hand sheets and exchanging flowers from the played tiles in the middle. Only did this for the first session. Seemed to be a lot more chatter than usual with no looking at the sheets. The winner of each table also got a block of chocolate.

We were also advised the committee had agreed to the hand "Any Damn" thing to be used only once in a session.


There were 56 players today which meant no 3 tables. The winners today were:


1st with 43 pts Christine Sadler

2nd with 42 pts Sally Hitchcock

3rd with 40 pts Barbara Harold and Gail Butler


Lucky number today was 4 and no one got this number.


Please note the AGM is on 10th May at 1 pm. All players are welcome including Monday players. Please put in nominations for new committee members to replace those standing down and any remits.

Have a wonderful weekend.


 Philipa Dennison

On behalf of the Mah Jong Committee


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