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8 Ball

President: Tony Saes


Club Nights:

Friday - Club Rules - 6pm start

Sunday - National Rules - 4.30pm start

8 Ball Adjunct News

Xmas Dinner:

As previously advised the Adjunct Xmas dinner is at 6pm on Sunday 10th December. Please remember to put your names on the list on our Adjunct noticeboard if you will be attending. If for some reason you can’t get into the Club to do this then please let Murray ( know and he can note accordingly.


Ham & Chicken Tournaments:

These ‘Adjunct only’ tournaments will be held on the weekend of the Xmas dinner with ‘Pub Rules’ on Friday night 8th December at 6pm (same starting time as normal Friday nights) and ‘National Rules’ at 1pm Sunday 10th December (earlier start to get completed prior to the dinner).


Entry lists are going up on the notice board  this week so if you wish to compete in either or both please put your name on the list/s and the entries are open until Wednesday 6th December. If you wish to enter and for some reason you are unable to get into the Club before these close, then please let Murray know and he can note accordingly.

Congratulations Betty and Cory; winners of the 'Pub Rules' Competition against Tauranga on Saturday 26th August.





Adjunct Shirt Orders

Our shirt sponsors Whangamata 100% and Strictly Time Jewellers (John & Rod) have again agreed to contribute towards the cost for any new members to order shirts and the full cost is $71.50 per shirt with new members only having to pay $41.50.


If any member who has previously purchased a shirt would like a second shirt/spare then they are welcome to order one however it will be at full cost of $71.50.  The order form is on the 8 Ball notice board and will be open until 30th September for any orders to be placed, with shirts produced sometime thereafter. Payment will be organised by Muz once orders are placed.

We are not sure how much longer we will be able to procure these shirts, and for those ordering please check with someone of a similar build to confirm the size as previously we were advised they were a ‘tight fit’.


Thanks to John/Sue and Rod for their continued support for new members to get subsidised Adjunct shirts.

Club Night Tables

The committee has decided that to allow time between games we will only use 5 tables on a Friday night, unless the number of participants exceeds 22, when the 6th table will then be used. This will be monitored to ensure that whilst players have time between games this doesn’t result in late finishes.


Please ensure if playing you refer to the board to see when your next game is scheduled and you are ready to play to keep games moving.

Kerikeri Club 8 Ball Visit

Kerikeri Club ‘8 Ball’ are visiting our club on Saturday 23rd September and have advised that 37 players will be here to compete against us. Given the large number of competitors, we will most likely play doubles against them and a notice is on the board for you to confirm if you wish to play.


Please complete this with your contact details so we can confirm how many we will have to match their team numbers. We assume it will be a full day with an 8.30/9.00 am start (to be confirmed).


As per usual for visiting teams, we will provide lunch and a drink voucher to both home and visiting players

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