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The Whangamata Club Invitational Weekend of Poker

Cash Tables


Cash Games are capped to a Class 2 - $5,000 License


All Cash Tables will run at a 10% Buy in rake - total


Option 1 -


Min $40 - Max - $100 - Dealers Choice or NLH - Maximum 9 handed per table.

eg - If you Buy in for $100, you will receive $90 in Chips - $50, you will receive $45 in chips. 

No other rake is taken.

You may add on to your stack if you are under $40 - up to $100 maximum total.

There will be a maximum rebuy amount per person - (at the discretion of the TD) - until 8pm. After 8pm the option to extend that is allowed. 

*This ruling is made so everyone has a fair chance to play and a person does not do 10 rebuys and cap out the $5,000 License within 1 hour.

Verbally state your intentions to cash out by giving 1 full orbit in which you must remain seated at the table - This is our Club Etiquette rule.


These low stakes are designed so every player has the opportunity to play the cash tables, not just a few.


Thank you,

The Whangamata Club Poker Adjunct

We would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors for these events.

It wouldn't be possible if it weren't for you

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