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Strategic Plan Members' Survey 2021

Dear members


We are offering four $50 Club Vouchers for your help giving us feedback.  If you’re interested then please read on…


You may recall last year we ran a survey about changes you wanted to see in our Club over the next few years.   We had over 500 responses to this which was very helpful in developing our Strategic Plan which you can below.


There are six main areas of work the Plan covers:

  1. taking care of you - our existing members

  2. progressively developing our building and site – to meet a wider range of community and commercial needs

  3. strengthening our relationships and partnerships with the Whangamata community

  4. long term financial sustainability

  5. ensuring our Club’s governance and management are match-fit to address change and progression

  6. having the best skilled, loyal and friendliest staff team in Whangamata.

Now we would like to check in with you about our progress towards achieving some of the things we have been working on and to get your feedback on your satisfaction with the Club operations.


So next week we are running another survey and offering you the chance to win one of four $50 Club Vouchers.


The survey will be sent to all members email addresses and everyone who responds will go into a draw for the bar tabs.  (And we will let you know who the lucky winners are at the conclusion of the survey.)


Unfortunately we can only receive one entry per email address so if you share an email address (as a family) then let me know and we can give you a hard copy of the survey to fill in.  These will also go into the draw.


We very much look forward to your feedback and thank you for your ongoing commitment to making our Club a welcoming and friendly place to be.

The survey will be out on the 14th May  and closes on the 24th May

Warm regards


Your Committee

Strategic Action Plan Update 2021

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Strategic Plan Update 2021

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