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Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan Update 2022

2022 Whangamata Club Strategic Plan Report

The Strategic Plan was adopted in 2020.  This is the second year of the implementation of the plan.  Work this year has focused on ensuring the club was in a good position to meet the key challenge of reduced income due to covid related lockdowns during the year.  We have focused on our systems and member activity as key priorities and have continued to work on the options for the development of the club building.

The following is a summary of progress over the last year:

Outcome Statement - 1. Taking care of our existing membership base – and aiming to steadily grow it.

  1. Purchase a modern Customer Relationship Management/contact database for communication and marketing purposes.

The database is in place and has been used as to ensure we meet our obligations to record members in the club for covid purposes.

1.2          Install entry/purchasing scanners.

Entry scanner for guest and affiliates is tied to 1.1 above and again, has been completed.

1.6          Conduct an annual members’ survey in May/June each year.

We are going to run another member survey shortly.  The committee are keen to know members views about the club and use this information as part of its planning and budgeting.

1.7          Formalise a process enabling sub-clubs [adjuncts] voices to be heard by the Committee – with a view to growing this area of Club membership.

Adjuncts are a key part of the activities offered at the club. Regular adjunct chairs meetings are held and provide important feedback to the committee.

1.8 Review transport options for members as part of being a responsible host

The club van has been operating for 10 months now and is a good addition to the facilities and services offered to members and helps us meet our commitments relating to being a responsible host.


Outcome Statement - 2. Progressive development of our building and site – to meet a wider range of community and commercial needs.

2.1          Club redevelopment of site.

The redevelopment of the club building is an important part of the club’s future planning.  Design concepts have been produced and the committee will continue to develop options for the club building over the next year.  Our priority over the last year has been ensuring that the building maintenance is up to scratch.  The outside of the club was painted, new signage installed, and a range of repairs and maintenance undertaken.

2.7          Future use and operation of the three residential properties.

Staff shortages are something that the club has dealt with this year along with just about every other business in town. Having accommodation available has been crucial in attracting staff to work at the club. Providing additional buildings on one or more of the residential properties for more staff accommodation is part of work in progress.  Repairs and maintenance have been undertaken to ensure the existing buildings are in good condition and protect the members investment in these properties.

2.8          Electronic signage and outdoor deck resource consent.

These projects front Port Road.  The sign has received resource consent and the proposed deck fronting Port Road at the Philomel intersection is part of the overall club redevelopment planning along with future development of the ex-outdoor bowling green area.


Outcome Statement - 3. Strengthening our relationships and partnerships with the Whangamata community.

3.2          Establish formal links to key organisations at governance level.

We have attended a number of meetings of the community board and Enterprise Whangamata.  We retain strong links with the Beach Hop group and have put in place a policy called “Giving is Good” to guide the committee on grant applications received from time to time from the community.


Outcome Statement - 4. Focusing on long term financial sustainability.

4.2          Develop an asset management plan for the Club’s portfolio of property and investments.

Maintenance schedules are in place for each property and guide repairs and maintenance budgeting.  This is tied in with the progressive development of our building and site set out in Outcome Statement 2 above.


Outcome Statement - 5. Ensuring our Club’s governance and management are match-fit to address change and progression.

5.1          Committee to undertake an audit of current policies to determine gaps and to address those that are out of date or non-existent.

The policy subcommittee has continued to meet during the year.  The key achievement this year has been the completion and adoption of the risk management policy and the implementation of a risk register.

5.2          Develop annual Key Performance Indicators for governance and management to report against.

Progress this year has not been as much as we wanted and will be a focus of the new committee.


Outcome Statement - 6. Have the best skilled, loyal, and friendliest staff team in Whangamata.

6.1          Establish a clearer management structure and lines of accountability.

Under the Club Manager are managers accountable for food, bar, and operations.  Work is ongoing to finalise the management delegations from the committee.

6.2          Share this Strategic Plan with staff and invite their feedback.

This is a good way to ensure that staff appreciate the future for the Club and can see their place in supporting the Club’s direction.  It enables staff to have input into the discussions and actions in the strategic plan.  The club manager is continuing to work with staff on this strategy.

6.4          Create an induction process for new staff.

Completed and in place for all new staff.

6.5          Establish a system and process for more regular staff appraisals.

Completed and in place for all new staff.

6.6          Provide staff learning and training opportunities for progression.

Completed and in place for all new staff.

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