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Level 3
Draught Beer Flagon Pre Order and Pick Up Service

Now we are in Level 3, we are able to offer our members the opportunity to call and pre order their favourite tap beers to pick up and drink at home. 

Friday 3 September
12pm - 5pm
Saturday 4 September
12pm - 5pm
Monday 6 September
12pm - 5pm
Tuesday 7 September
12pm - 5pm

Please call 07 865 8705 ext 3 during the above hours to place your order.


Payment will be taken over the phone. Cash will not be accepted.

Please note we cannot accept orders face to face - orders must be placed over the phone.

Price List

Waikato $13
Lion Red $13
Speights Gold $13
Speights Mid Ale $13
Speights Summit Ultra $14
Speights Distinction Ale $14.50
Speights 5 Malt Old Dark $14
Macs Gold $14
Macs Apple Cider $18.50
Steinlager $16
Guinness $19.50

Pan Head Super Charger $19.50

Flagon Pick Up Procedure

Once you have called and your order is placed, the collection point will be at the main entrance to the Club. You can drive your vehicle right up to the collection point. 

Please have your membership card ready so staff can identify you on arrival.


Your order will be placed on the table outside the main entrance. Please remain seated in your vehicle until staff are back inside the building.

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