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Dear Members,

As of 11:59pm Friday 25 March 2022, there were further updates to the Traffic Light System. With these changes, we are now able to accommodate 200 guests on site.

We will continue to operate the Restaurant with its own separate entrance via Philomel Road; from Thursdays to Sunday's from 5.30pm.

We have implemented our staff and customer health and safety plan with regards to the service of our customers. Please continue reading to find out more:

Please wear your mask on arrival until you are seated at your table.
Please wear your mask when you are moving around the Club.

Entry to the Club – Port Road
Sunday to Thursday 11am – 8pm
Friday and Saturday – 11am – 9pm

As we are a vaccinated venue, we are restricted to 200 people under this setting. This means there may be restrictions at peak times as to who can enter the Club.


On Arrival

You will need to scan your membership card and provide your vaccine pass.

If bringing guests, please ask them to bring their Driver’s License along too for sign-in and vaccine pass verification purposes.

You must continue your own contact tracing either via the QR Code or our manual sign-in slips.

Please return your glassware to the trays provided when you have finished your drink. Fresh glassware will be provided by staff each time to prevent cross contamination.

Contactless payment is still preferred i.e. paywave, membership account, however, we will accept cash. To improve contactless payments, we encourage members to add credits to their membership card.

Club Restaurant – Philomel Road
Thursday – Sunday from 5.30pm – 8pm.
Entry will be via Philomel Road.

We recommend booking a table. Please call 07 865 8705 ext 3 to book.

Please have your vaccine pass and membership card ready on arrival. Please ask any guests to bring their Driver’s License along too for sign in and vaccine pass verification purposes.

Sport and Adjunct Activities
Activities such as cards, table tennis, mahjong, or other activities that share equipment will not be permitted until further notice.

Membership Draws, Raffles, and Sweeps
We are not currently offering these services; however, we are reassessing this on a weekly basis.

Gaming Machines
Masks MUST be worn while moving around the Gaming Room.

Please sanitize your machine prior to use and once you are finished.

Staff will be sanitizing machines every 2 hours.

TAB Betting Terminals
Only 1 person at a time at each betting terminal.

If queueing, please be aware of social distancing between yourself and others.

Sanitizing wipes will be available at each machine.

Please sanitize your machine prior to use and once you are finished.

Staff will be sanitizing machines every 2 hours.

For betting redemptions, please proceed to Till #1 to claim.

Club Shuttle
We will continue to operate our Club Shuttle from 3pm daily. Phone: 07 280 4512.

Please wear your mask for the duration of your trip and have your vaccine pass ready on collection to show to your driver.



We have a strong commitment to health and safety and want to ensure the safety of all people in our premises.

However, our success also depends on the personal responsibility of you, our customers. These are the most important things that you can do:
COVID-19 is still out there.

Play it safe. Keep your distance from other people in public.

If you’re sick, stay home. Don’t come here, go to work or school. Don’t socialise.

Wear your mask.

If you have symptoms of cold or flu call your doctor or Healthline and get tested.

If you are at the Club displaying flu like symptoms, please do not be offended if staff discuss this with you, and ask you to leave the premises.

Wash your hands. 

Sneeze and cough into your elbow, use our hand sanitizing stations located around the Club.

If you have been told to self-isolate you must do so immediately.

Keep a track of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

The team at the Whangamata Club

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