Club Entry and Restrictions


We here in Whangamata have been deemed as an "Orange Zone" and from Friday, life here at the Club can now begin to look normal again.

As we advised last week, the Whangamata Club will be a Vaccinated Venue until further notice. This means that all who wish to enter the Club from Friday 3 December will need to present their Vaccine Pass on arrival to staff (children under the age of 12 years and 3 months do not need to provide a Vaccine Pass to enter). We thank you in advance for your patience as we learn and put into place procedures to make this transition as easy as possible.

You will still be required to do your contact tracing on arrival, this is a separate process to your Vaccination Pass verification. Please sign in on arrival using the QR Code via the Contact Tracing App, or via our manual contact tracing slips available.

Members will be able to link up their Vaccination Pass with our Sign-in System located at reception and the bar. We can with your agreement, have your Vaccination Pass details saved with your membership details when you scan your membership card at these Sign-In terminals. Staff will verify your vaccine pass during this process. Once this is done, the next time you visit the Club you will simply need to scan your membership card on arrival and keep on hand the slip that is issued.

Your personal vaccination details will be stored privately and securely.

Please note that entry to the Club will only be available through the main entrance via Port Road.

This means that the Restaurant Entry via Philomel Road will be closed until further notice.

Masks are encouraged during this time and are not mandatory whilst in the Club.

Know this is a personal choice and we as a Club will always support you with the decision you make.

Staff will continue with our cleaning schedules and regular cleaning of high touch

point locations during this time.